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Does The Air Jordan 1 Fit True To Size?

One of the world’s most in-demand silhouettes, everyone is trying to buy the latest Air Jordan 1 releases. The silhouette has gained a following so loyal, they’ll cop every single colourway no questions asked. Jordan Brand sits under the Nike umbrella so has access to all the exclusive technology and cushioning usually associated with Nike’s bestselling silhouettes. This fusion of visions delivers a sneaker that’s as comfortable as it is stylish.

With more and more colourways and collabs of the Air Jordan 1 set to drop throughout the year, it’s time to answer all your questions about Nike Air Jordan 1 sizing. Does the Jordan 1 fit true to size? How do you style Air Jordan 1s? Luckily for you, The Sole Supplier’s team of experts have the answers…


Air Jordan 1 Sizing – What’s The Verdict?

  • FIT: Definitely go true to size, the Jordan 1 doesn't run big
  • COMFORT: One of the comfiest sneakers out there!
  • CARE: Varies from style to style, be wary of cleaning the suede
  • SIZING: Comes in unisex sizing so you know the deal. And always remember to convert EU sizing!

Scroll to learn everything you need to know about the Nike Air Jordan 1 sizing and fit...



How do Jordan 1s fit?

For me, the Air Jordan 1s fit perfectly when you go true to size. I never differ from my normal size no matter what. However if you really want a pair but can't find your size, we'd recommend going a half size up rather than trying to size down.

Are Jordan 1s comfortable?

They are ridiculously comfortable, whether it's the low, mid or high, all iterations offer all-day wearability. Being made originally as a professional basketball shoe, its packed full of technology to provide all-day comfort.

How do you keep yours clean?

I just use a specialist wipe for quick clean to wipe the leather upper, but with premium materials such as suede be careful because as these could damage the material.

How do they fit compared to other Nike styles?

Compared to other Nike silhouettes, like the Nike Air Force 1, they run smaller in fit but if you stick to your normal size you will be fine. They have a similar fit to the Air Max series, they're a true to size shoe.

What's the difference between the Air Jordan 1 Mid and High?

The only real difference between the Air Jordan 1 Mid and High is the height of the shoe itself. The mid has 8 lace holes as opposed to the 9 on the original Jordan 1 silhouette. There are some other small differences such as rarity, the logo on the tongue and the price.



Do Jordan 1s run big?

Not at all! The Air Jordan 1s fit true to size. However, if you have narrower feet and want a snug fit to avoid the inevitable toe-box crease, simply go down 0.5 size and they’ll still fit comfortably.

Are they comfortable?

Very comfortable, even for a long day of walking around. The only uncomfortable Air Jordan 1s are those made from patent material, as it’s really stiff and therefore can dig into your ankle. Something to keep in mind!

How do you clean Jordan 2s?

As with all my non-suede sneakers, I simply use specialist wipes if they do get a little dirty during day-to-day wear. For more premium materials I use a specialist cleaning solution from Jason Markk or Crep Protect.

How do Air Jordan 1s fit compared to the Nike Air Force 1?

US8 is my standard true to size and this is what fit I go for in the Jordan 1. I go 0.5 size down Nike Air Force 1s for a fully comfortable fit as they fit big.

What size are you usually?

I'm usually a US7.



Does the Air Jordan 1 run small?

The Air Jordan 1 always fits true to size. They're spot on. If you know your true size I would recommend going for that.

Are they a comfortable fit?

The Air Jordan 1 isn't the most comfortable sneaker in my collection… but it’s fine to wear as a day-to-day shoe. You can wear them all-day without any issues but you can definitely buy more comfortable trainers.

How do you keep yours clean?

I don't clean them that much but when they do need a wipe, I just use a damp cloth! I avoid cleaning my suede ones though because I don't want to damage the material.

How do Air Jordan 1s fit in comparison to Yeezys?

I would say, compared to most Yeezy silhouettes these are more reliable for your true size. A lot of Yeezy silhouettes run small so you need to size up.

What size are you usually?

I'm usually a US11 - and that's the size I go for in Air Jordan 1s.



How do they fit?

The Air Jordan 1 is pretty much bang on! Definitely get true to size for the best fit.

Are they comfortable?

They’re really comfortable because they’re fitted with Air cushioning. I can walk around in them all day without any problems! There are definitely comfier sneakers out there, but these are pretty good.

How do you keep yours clean?

For my suede ones, I use a specialist cleaner so I don’t damage the material – but for leather and patent I just use a wet wipe or damp cloth.

How do Air Jordan 1s fit compared to Vans?

The Air Jordan 1 fits quite similarly to Vans. They're both pretty true to size. And if you've got wide feet, they stretch after a few years to fit like a glove.

What size are you usually?

I’m usually a US11 in Jordan 1s, I go for a US9 or US10 in Air Force 1 and a US11 in Yeezys.


Air Jordan 1: What You Need to Know

A sneaker born from the collaboration of the world’s most legendary basketball player and sportswear giant, the Air Jordan 1 was born in 1985 and has amassed a following so loyal, they’ll queue for hours to get their hands on the latest pair, whether that’s the casual Air Jordan 1 Low, the sporty Air Jordan 1 Mid or the fan-favourite Air Jordan 1 High.

Originally designed as a basketball shoe, the Air Jordan 1 now holds a place both on and off the court. With urban appeal and endless styling potential, this sneaker counts the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rhianna, Will Smith and Kendall Jenner as fans thanks to its versatility and street-inspired aesthetic. Originally released in the now-iconic red, white and black colourway, the years following have seen hues from bright teal, electric blue, patent orange and sunny yellow stealing a spot in the collections of sneakerheads across the globe.

Having already smashed the test of time, the Air Jordan 1 won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Timeless courtesy of its sleek leather composition, pared-back look and subtle detailing, if this sneaker isn’t a part of your line-up already, you need to think again.